Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RCS- Radical Chassis Solution

The RCS Clubman Dampers were put to test once again at the MAM-SIC Rally Sprint Rd 3.Driving a Mitsubishi Lancer 1.8 & running on the RCS Clubman Dampers, Youngsters A Magendran & Daveen Khera, did a great job at the event.

The 2 clocked some very impressive stage times throughout the event but were struck by mishap in SS2 of the 1st days night stages when the high powered pod lamps on the car gave some electrical problems causing the car to stall in the stage itself.With the ingenious use of a mineral water bottle cap. Magen got the car running again but had lost almost 6 minutes in the the stage.A quick stop at service park got the electrical gremlins sorted and the two set out for the last 2 stages of day 1 to clock a 4th overall stage time & class FTD in SS4.Despite losing a chunk of time in SS2, Magen was all smiles back at service," It's unlucky to lose so much time on the second stage & in a sprint event it will be almost impossible to make it up, but I am very happy with the improvement in speed, The car is so easy to drive with the RCS dampers, there is a lot of traction despite not running an LSD, & the handling is very good, It's hard to believe that this is only the budget spec suspension, we will just focus on improving our driving now & clocking some good stage times."Doing exactly that, Magen & Daveen clocked more impressive stage times on day two & brought the car home to win the junior category.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gallery 2009 2


Its been 2 years, I never take part in any of Malaysian Rally Championship. After Struggling from lack of sponsorship and budget problem, we managed to find some small budget to take part in this round 4 of Malaysian Rally Championship at Cyberjaya, KLIA.

Problem on my car was like never ending story for both me and my co-driver Daveen.
Before the rally start, problem already started for us. Yet we still manage to fix the problem just 10 minutes before the day1 start.

Day1 stages was very slippery and made us to drive very slow like some new guys driving on Dirt.

We manage to complete day 1 with lil drama.

Its was very very very slippery stages. At 1 point we felt like playing bumper car, where we cant handle the car and keep on banging all the mud hall left and right tru out the stages.

However also we had so much of fun on day1.

Day2 started with hot and sunny day. we went into start of SS 13 with Wet tyre's which we was using the whole day1. We manage to finish ss13.

SS14 was still slippery. we jus trying to keep cool and complete the stage. but stage condition doesnt allow to finish the stages without drama. We fall into ditch. We was struggling to come out from the ditch. but we fail. After few minutes of fighting to come out from the ditch. finally i gave up. But my codriver Daveen never give up at all, was forcing me to get into the car and told me to keep on trying. We manage to come out from the ditch and continue and complete our stage with 6 minutes penalty.

Then we continue rallying for day 2 and manage to complete the whole day1 and day 2 with some impressive stage times. ITS WAS A VERY GOOD AND FUN COME BACK RALLY FOR ME AND DAVEEN AFTER 2 YEARS!!!!!

MAM-SIC RallySprint 2009 Round3

After 8 months break, Now back again in rally Scene for MAM-SIC RallySprint 2009 Round3.

This time with support of Radical Chassis Solution(RCS) and Meridiian Motorsports, its was a totally different rally for Me. RCS did a very good job on Suspension. Locally made suspension RCS, give me a huge different on handling.

DAY 1.

Day 1 rally program was registration in the afternoon, followed by recce and 4 Stages at night.

We did well on SS1 without anymistake, problems n etc.. Its was different experience driving at night with high powered Spot Lights.

SS2, is the ss i really wanted to drive fast and enjoy my self. But luck wasnt at side. After few corners my car battery jump out from the bracket and the battery terminal touch car bonnet cause my car engine die in the SS itself. It took me 4 minutes to solve the problem by use the mineral water bottle cap to cover the battery terminal and continue the stage. The 4 minutes drop me down to last placing from top 10 placing.

Back to service park after SS2, my sponsors and friends advise me " dont worry about what happen on SS2. now your aim is to produce good stage time."

That advise made me feel calm and mentally ready for next 2 stages and for day2.

We did well on next 2 stages and prove on good stage times.

End of day1 with lil-disappointment and full of happiness cause we manage to beat some of the 4wd cars. :)

Day2 Started with full of challenge. From ss5 to ss12 we was flat out all the way. That made us to clock very good stage times. End of the day we only manage to be Junior Champion of Class 4.

The whole rally was Disappointment plus Happiness.

Thanks to all the sponsors.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

GSR-Pennzoil kicks offs with rallysprint

The GSR-Pennzoil Racing Team begins its 2009 campaign at tomorrow’s MAM RallySprint at the Sepang International Circuit car park.

The team will be introducing four drivers via its Junior Team Programme; Mohd Shazly Sallehudin, A.Magendran, Kenneth Koh.

Team manager and UMW Pennzoil Distributors Marketing Manager Shamsul Nahar said the team has kept up to its promise of developing young drivers, thereby contributing to the development of motorsports in the country.

The team will be defending all its titles won last year. However, it is better prepared this time around, having secured the overall and team titles for 2008.

"Having done so well in rallying, Pennzoil is undoubtedly a high quality engine oil, which can withstand all kinds of rough conditions," Shamsul added.

The Motorsport Association of Malaysia (MAM) and UMW Pennzoil Distributors have teamed up again to revive and make motorsports a popular sport once more, and also to produce more newcomers into the sport.

MAM chief executive Mia Sharizman said, "This is the first event of the year for MAM, and as promised, we are doing the second phase of development for the sport of rallying.
"With the establishment of more budget-friendly weekend events in line for this year, we will entice more people to be involved in rallying. It will provide a platform for enthusiasts to move from Rally X and it also serves as a feeder for the Malaysian Rally Championships," he added.


Sepang International Circuit was host to this year’s first MAM RallySprint.

Team owner Gunaseelan Rajoo as lead driver represented the GSR-Pennzoil Racing Team.Mohd Shazly (1000cc class winner) and Kenneth Koh (junior class winner) were the other two nominated drivers for the team award. It was hot sunny weather at Sepang as the rally crew got going.Gunaseelan, in a Mitsubishi Evo 9, grabbed the lead from the very beginning, without ever losing the lead at all throughout the stages. He won eight out of the 10 stages.“The stages were quite challenging and there was no room for mistakes.

Thankfully, the conditions of the stages were smooth and as such, not damaging to the cars.“It was important for us to win this event as this was the first rally for 2009. I found the rally well organised and was pleased to see many newcomers.

I would like to thank my main sponsor, UMW Pennzoil Distributors, as well as my co-sponsors Yokohama (YHI Malaysia), JDM World Malaysia, Puma and Ralliart Malaysia,” said Gunaseelan.

The RallySprint also saw the birth of the GSR-Pennzoil Junior Racing Team, with three drivers who were chosen based on last year’s Rally X series. They were Mohd Sallehuddin, A. Magendran and Kiren Bahadur. The junior team performed very well, clocking top three times in its respective classes consistently.

UMW Pennzoil Distributors marketing manager Shamsul Nahar said, “We are very pleased with the overall win, as well as winning the Team award in this first round.“This was a good start to the year and the team is now looking forward to the upcoming round, scheduled for March. We are also proud to be cosponsors of the MAM Rally- Sprint Championship, and I am happy that it has received so much of interest and support,” he added.

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