Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RCS- Radical Chassis Solution

The RCS Clubman Dampers were put to test once again at the MAM-SIC Rally Sprint Rd 3.Driving a Mitsubishi Lancer 1.8 & running on the RCS Clubman Dampers, Youngsters A Magendran & Daveen Khera, did a great job at the event.

The 2 clocked some very impressive stage times throughout the event but were struck by mishap in SS2 of the 1st days night stages when the high powered pod lamps on the car gave some electrical problems causing the car to stall in the stage itself.With the ingenious use of a mineral water bottle cap. Magen got the car running again but had lost almost 6 minutes in the the stage.A quick stop at service park got the electrical gremlins sorted and the two set out for the last 2 stages of day 1 to clock a 4th overall stage time & class FTD in SS4.Despite losing a chunk of time in SS2, Magen was all smiles back at service," It's unlucky to lose so much time on the second stage & in a sprint event it will be almost impossible to make it up, but I am very happy with the improvement in speed, The car is so easy to drive with the RCS dampers, there is a lot of traction despite not running an LSD, & the handling is very good, It's hard to believe that this is only the budget spec suspension, we will just focus on improving our driving now & clocking some good stage times."Doing exactly that, Magen & Daveen clocked more impressive stage times on day two & brought the car home to win the junior category.

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